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Prestige, luxury and uniqueness are qualities that we can certainly attribute to our business. We are a manufacturer of polypropylene swimming pools, and our business covers a wide European market. We work with world-class suppliers and partners. Customers that are always satisfied is something that sets us apart.Our team consists of excellent staff, masters in their craft, and the services we provide stand out in the market for their comprehensiveness, uniqueness and accuracy.
Our company is proof that you can make your dreams come true in a precise, accurate, yet creative and unique way.

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We are a manufacturer of polypropylene pools

Our product is unique in the world. We use polypropylene sheets from the world's leading supplier to manufacture our pools. Poolcomplex polypropylene pools are innovative products. Our pools have gently rounded corners because they are not welded, but bent at the right angle. In the whole of Europe, only two companies have this technological capability. Poolcomplex sets trends in technology and product quality. 

Thanks to the use of modern materials and a pioneering technology, we create dream pools that are fully adapted to the needs, wishes and requirements of the customer. We do not blindly follow ever-changing trends, but design polypropylene pools to suit individual needs.

Thanks to specialised equipment bearing German and Swiss brands, and the production in a modern machinery factory, we focus on the highest quality and accuracy, in which there is no room for concessions or compromises. 

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As professionals in our field, we offer a comprehensive and holistic range of services: from production to servicing. We approach each project with great commitment, vision and creativity, and the final product of our actions is a pool of the highest quality and aesthetics. Responsibility is what makes us stand out on the market, and we produce each pool with the utmost care and aesthetics. In addition to the production itself, we focus on comprehensiveness, which is why we also offer accessories, transport and service.

Thanks to modern technologies, a specialised team and experience, we offer comprehensive services not only in the pool production field, but we are also able to provide its construction, and the necessary components for trouble-free and comfortable use.

As a manufacturer of European-class polypropylene pools, we work with proven brands, and our partners meet the highest global standards. 

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We are a leading manufacturer, which works with the world's best suppliers. We use modern materials and technology.