Swimming pool accessories

We offer a variety of filtration and lighting systems, as well as equipment to turn your garden pool into a home spa. We value quality and professionalism, so in our offer you will find roofing and accessories of the highest quality from renowned European and world manufacturers.

In the pool accessories section we offer:
  • various filtration systems - filter pumps, cartridge filters and sand filters,
  • skimmers of all kinds for ongoing water treatment,
  • heat pumps,
  • various nozzles and overflow spouts,
  • a wide selection of pool lighting,
  • various massage systems, water jets, waterfalls or counter-currents. 

Also, we don't forget about hygiene and cleaning, which is why we offer complete solutions in this area - from disinfectant products, through dispensing systems, to cleaning robots.

What polypropylene pool accessories to choose?

Here you will find all the accessories you need for a more complete personalisation. Building a pool in the garden is not too complicated, but it is important to remember that the pool itself is only half the battle. For proper functioning and greater comfort of use, our comprehensive offer includes all necessary accessories and roofing from a renowned European manufacturer.


Swimming pool roofing

Although many of us associate the pool with summer, it can be used all year round. With a comprehensive roofing system from a world-class manufacturer, we can make your pool accessible and functional all year round. 


Underwater blinds

An open pool with clear, azure water is one of the most beautiful sights we can experience. However, to keep that look for longer, we need to look after our pool. See today how easy it can be to keep your water clean without wasting valuable time.


Swimming pool lighting

Swimming pool lights are perfect if you want to enjoy your pool not only on sunny days, but also in the evening or even in the middle of the night. Not only does this improve the comfort and functionality of our pool, but it is also a simple way to create a magical and atmospheric place.



A garden pool can be both a place for relaxation and rest as well as a space for physical activity. If, in addition to water relaxation, you sometimes need a dose of adrenaline and you are a swimming enthusiast - counter-current is the choice for you!


Salt water electrolysis

Electrolysis is a very simple system that makes keeping the water clean in private pools uncomplicated and easier than ever.


Filter system

Water filtration is nothing more than a way of keeping our swimming pool clean, and ensuring hygienic conditions of use.