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Manufacturer of polypropylene swimming pools


Our company employs people full of passion, commitment, knowledge, experience and creative approach to the project. The latest technology, specialised equipment and machinery allow us to create a perfect product of the highest world class.

We are a responsible company, but also confident in our services and products, which is why we offer a warranty of up to 15 years.

We are not just another manufacturer of standard pools, because we want to fulfil dreams, take on challenges and, above all, be there for the customer, which is why we have the capacity to produce the pool of your dreams - in any length and width, of heat-resistant material, with a range of all the fittings and functionalities.


We carry out projects from A to Z: from design and production, through transport and assembly, to equipment and service.


State-of-the-art technology, excellent staff, knowledge and experience result in us being the best product suppliers on the market.

15 years warranty

we are a leading manufacturer, which works with the world's best suppliers. We use modern materials and technology.


our pools are a fine art, which is why we offer complete personalisation of your pool. The only limit is your imagination.


our designs are unique and unconventional, because the idea of our work is an individual approach to each client.


Our company adapts to the customer's needs, we listen carefully, visualise, and then create a tailor-made product.

Immerse yourself
in luxury

Comprehensive garden swimming pool designs

Our pools are masterpieces - they are made using tested and reliable solutions. Our collaboration with the client is a joint journey towards an essential design. 

  • It all starts with a vision and an idea - we are able to create a perfect and unique pool for every customer. 
  • Manufacturing is the next stage at which the target product is created. This is also the moment when we complete all the technological elements and equipment so that everything is ready for transport. 
  • We organise transport ourselves, and have a new fleet of vans and transport trailers specially designed for us. Our drivers are experienced professionals, who guarantee safe delivery. In addition, the safety features used will also protect the transported elements. 
  • Installation is fabulously easy - just place the pool in the right spot and make the connections. Our drivers are qualified specialists, who combine a variety of competences. To make the work even more efficient and easier our staff are able to connect up the pool and carry out the first commissioning of the equipment. 
  • Our offer also includes professional roofing from a renowned European company, for which we are the exclusive representative in Germany. We combine quality and comprehensiveness, and with a shared business vision we know we offer a world-class product. 
  • Our work seems to be finished, but... We are not just a responsible company, but a partner to our customers, which is why we offer full servicing. The level of our service and products is best demonstrated by the fact that so far, with the production of around 500 pools, we have not received any complaints!
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