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Polypropylene swimming pool

How do we build swimming pools?

The manufacturing process of a polypropylene swimming pool is not just about the actual and technological production of the pool.
Swimming pool roofing Swimming pool roofing

Swimming pool roofing

We associate the design of a garden pool with an open basin, crystal clear water and warm rays of the summer sun. In such conditions we don't think about roofing, because why should we?
Salt water electrolysis Salt water electrolysis

Salt water electrolysis

Electrolysis is a very simple system that makes keeping the water clean in private pools uncomplicated and easier than ever.
Sand filter system Sand filter system

Sand filter system

Water filtration is nothing more than a way of keeping our swimming pool clean, and ensuring hygienic conditions of use.
Cartridge filters Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters

We know that in order for pool water to always be clean and hygienic, it must be constantly circulated and filtered.
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