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Salt water electrolysis

Electrolysis is a very simple system that makes keeping the water clean in private pools uncomplicated and easier than ever.

This process involves salt water, from which specific electrolytic cells produce sodium hypochlorite, or so-called liquid chlorine. Then, the produced chlorine cleans the water of bacteria and pathogens, and in addition has an oxidising effect of any organic substances. As a result, the pool water always remains crystal clear, and, above all, meets hygiene standards. Furthermore, in this non-complex water purification process we have no by-products - the used chlorine is converted back to salt after a few hours. 

Popularity of salt electrolysis

The salt electrolysis water purification system is the most popular way to keep water clean in private swimming pools. Its low operating costs, its harmony with nature and the environment, and its uncomplicated system of operation and maintenance make it the method of choice today for keeping swimming pool water clean.

In addition to keeping the water in perfect condition, and ensuring hygienic swimming conditions, salt electrolysis is distinguished by a number of other positive properties. 

Salt electrolysis, and swimming safety and comfort

  • Salt water has a positive effect on your skin and hair, and the addition of salt makes the water softer and more enjoyable to swim in.
  • Pool water is constantly disinfected as the slightly salty water has an antiseptic effect and kills micro-organisms. Safe disinfection by NaCl electrolysis is possible even at high temperatures (up to 30 Centigrades).
  • The peculiar smell of public swimming pools and stinging eyes? No! The system of extracting liquid chlorine from salt eliminates the unpleasant smell that we associate with public swimming pools, and also prevents the unpleasant sensation of red and stinging eyes when swimming.
  • The systems operate fully automatically, and allow you to maintain your pool without much effort. Retrofitting the salt system itself is simple, and won't cause any problems even for novice garden pool enthusiasts.

Salt electrolysis and the environment

  • The entire water purification process is based on a natural process, so no harmful by-products are produced, ensuring that we do not pollute the environment.
  • The production of chlorine takes place at home, not in large corporations, so that no excess harmful substances are released into the environment. The entire process follows guidelines and the strictest safety rules.
  • The main product - salt - is natural and therefore does not require additional safeguards. Everyone has a salt shaker at home, right? The same is true of electrolysis salt - it is harmless and requires no special storage or transport conditions.
  • Salt is an off-the-shelf and inexpensive product, which can significantly reduce the maintenance costs of backyard swimming pools.
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