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Swimming pool roofing

In spite of appearances, swimming pools can be enjoyed all year round. All you need to do is choose the right roofing, and we happen to have the best offer available - we cooperate with the renowned ALUNA company.

Roof-covered pool - 365 days in the pool

Although many of us associate the pool with summer, it can be used all year round. With a comprehensive roofing system from a world-class manufacturer, we can make your pool accessible and functional all year round. Combined with a heat pump, we can create a home zone of relaxation and comfort whatever the weather conditions!

Swimming pool roofing - protection against contamination

Every one of us dreams of crystal clear water, free from all impurities and dirt. However, if you dream of a pool surrounded by greenery and vegetation of all kinds, you can expect more frequent cleaning of the pool from various types of leaves, flowers and pollen. However, it does not have to be a Sisyphean task! With the right roofing, even a pool in the most exotic setting will be protected from dirt, and this will also save you time and money.

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Do you dream of a sophisticated pool and do you appreciate beauty? Would you like to create an exclusive place of relaxation, where you can disconnect yourself from reality for a while? Thanks to a variety of roofing systems, we can create a swimming pool to suit your needs and taste. We offer both low canopies, with which you can easily protect your swimming pool, and high canopies, with which you can create your own private oasis of calm. In addition, the materials used are of the highest grade and quality, and their aesthetics will meet even the greatest demands.

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Which canopy to choose - low, medium or high?

Everyone is different and we all dream of a unique garden pool tailored to our individual needs. It's no different with a pool canopy, which you can also adapt to your needs.

Low canopies are elegant and minimalist, which makes them fit in with modern design trends. Despite their low height, they still allow you to swim in the pool all year round. It's a combination of a perfect form and quality material with functionality and elegance.

Medium canopies are a compromise between low and high canopies. They are perfect for any garden pool and their robust structure ensures the safety of pool users. Medium canopies are the choice for those who value comfort and design on the one hand, and want to enjoy their pool all year round.

High canopies are the choice for those for whom the backyard pool is not just a place for swimming and relaxing, but is a synonym of fun, meetings and open space. With a variety of high roofing systems, you can create an open space with a pool at its heart. High canopies will be the perfect component for pools that adjoin the wall of a building, so they can create a modern and fashionable, enclosed terrace. By using this solution we can create an all-year-round place close to nature, and with the right landscaping arrangement - even a winter garden!

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It all depends on the size of the pool you want. There are no universal dimensions for the construction of a swimming pool. Even on a small site we can design an interesting, artificial body of water.

The advantages are many: the pool can be fully personalised, the water can be heated up to 60 degrees Celsius, and the stairs are an integral part of the pool. The high quality material we use is dedicated only to the production of swimming pools.

Comprehensive means nothing less than total coverage; in other words we don't just manufacture swimming pools, but also install them, transport them, service them and moreover, provide design services for entire gardens. Everything you need, gathered in one place.

The water in the pool must be constantly filtered to keep it clean and safe. We can install all the equipment in the garden room or in a TechnikBox. Each pool can be fitted with various additional elements: counter-currents, lighting, roofing. The only thing that limits us is our imagination!

Above all, remember to keep your pool filtered and clean it regularly, so keeping it clean will be easy. If you're planning a pool near trees, and are worried about contamination from falling leaves - a canopy option is worth considering.

No. If you opt for a canopy and a heat pump to maintain the right temperature, your pool can be used whatever the weather.

Costs depend on many factors - the method of filtration, the lighting used, additional accessories. Contact us for your pool project and we will then give you an idea of the predicted maintenance costs.

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