Underwater blinds

You'll love your perfect pool and we guarantee it will be love at first sight. What we love, we also want to protect. Check out our range of underwater roller blinds and take care of your pool at its best. An open pool with clear, azure water is one of the most beautiful sights we can experience. However, to keep that look for longer, we need to look after our pool. The rush of everyday life imposes a lot of responsibilities, and you don't want to worry about the condition of your pool? See today how easy it can be to keep your water clean without wasting valuable time.

Underwater roller blinds are modern systems protecting your pool from both dirt and water heat loss. These are professional systems that allow you to cover a sheet of water at any time, with a minimum of effort and time.

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How do underwater blinds work?

Exactly the same as those in our windows, except that they protect our swimming pools! Automatic or manual systems allow the blind to be extended and retracted quickly and safely at any time, and the high-quality materials used guarantee safe operation. In addition, they add a luxurious touch to your pool or garden.

The appropriate placement of the product in the niche of the back wall makes it invisible when the pool is in use, but we can also exploit its potential and, by adding a suitable cover, create... a pool bench on which you can relax and fully indulge yourself. Another solution is to place the blind in a specially prepared niche so that it remains invisible. 

Safety first

Underwater roller blinds are not only a simple way to protect the water from pollution or temperature loss, but also an intuitive solution for pool users, their kids and their four-footed friends. The products we offer are world-class blinds that can withstand the weight of small children and pets, so you don't have to worry about their safety when playing in the garden. Roller blinds will provide simple but effective protection against accidental falls into water.

Underwater blinds are a practical functional solution and can also be an additional attribute of our swimming pool.