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Prestige, luxury and uniqueness are qualities that we can certainly attribute to our business. We are a manufacturer of polypropylene swimming pools, and our business covers a wide European market. We work with world-class suppliers and partners. Customers that are always satisfied is something that sets us apart.Our team consists of excellent staff, masters in their craft, and the services we provide stand out in the market for their comprehensiveness, uniqueness and accuracy.

Our company is proof that you can make your dreams come true in a precise, accurate, yet creative and unique way.

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Laguna Phi Leh, Giola, Oludeniz are synonymous with crystal clear water, soothing blue, and peace of mind. Today, we do not have to travel to distant parts of the world to have it all at our fingertips. Our wide range of different garden pools made with the greatest craftsmanship and finesse will allow you to have your own lagoon just steps from your home.


I need Pool roofing and accessories

Contemporary pools are a multifunctional place for year-round relaxation in your home or apartment. We offer a wide range of service and maintenance services, and a wide range of swimming pool equipment and supplies.


Comprehensive design Garden with a pool

Our pools are like the beating heart of any space - they catch the eye, act on the senses, and are an exclusive moment in ordinary everyday life. Poolcomplex offers comprehensive garden designs with a pool so that the house, terrace, and garden form a coherent whole - an elegant and functional universe.


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We carry out projects from A to Z: from design and production, through transport and assembly, to equipment and service.


State-of-the-art technology, excellent staff, knowledge and experience result in us being the best product suppliers on the market.

15 years warranty

we are a leading manufacturer, which works with the world's best suppliers. We use modern materials and technology.


our pools are a fine art, which is why we offer complete personalisation of your pool. The only limit is your imagination.


our designs are unique and unconventional, because the idea of our work is an individual approach to each client.


Our company adapts to the customer's needs, we listen carefully, visualise, and then create a tailor-made product.

Immerse yourself
in luxury

We are a manufacturer of polypropylene pools

Our product is unique in the world. We use polypropylene sheets from the world's leading supplier to manufacture our pools. Poolcomplex polypropylene pools are innovative products. Our pools have gently rounded corners because they are not welded, but bent at the right angle. In the whole of Europe, only two companies have this technological capability. Poolcomplex sets trends in technology and product quality.

Thanks to the use of modern materials and a pioneering technology, we create dream pools that are fully adapted to the needs, wishes and requirements of the customer.

Thanks to specialised equipment bearing German and Swiss brands, and the production in a modern machinery factory, we focus on the highest quality and accuracy, in which there is no room for concessions or compromises. Responsibility is what makes us stand out on the market, and we produce each pool with the utmost care and aesthetics.

In addition to the production itself, we focus on comprehensiveness, which is why we also offer accessories, transport and service.

polypropylene pool technology

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Prices, news, technology and production of pools

In addition to the production of polypropylene pools, we focus on comprehensiveness, which is why we also offer equipment, service and transport. Such a wide range of services relating to swimming pool technology means that we are constantly expanding and updating our knowledge, which we share with you.

Polypropylene swimming pool Polypropylene swimming pool

How do we build swimming pools?

The manufacturing process of a polypropylene swimming pool is not just about the actual and technological production of the pool.
Swimming pool roofing Swimming pool roofing

Swimming pool roofing

We associate the design of a garden pool with an open basin, crystal clear water and warm rays of the summer sun. In such conditions we don't think about roofing, because why should we?
Salt water electrolysis Salt water electrolysis

Salt water electrolysis

Electrolysis is a very simple system that makes keeping the water clean in private pools uncomplicated and easier than ever.
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