Our company employs people full of passion, commitment, knowledge, experience and creative approach to the project. The latest technology, specialised equipment and machinery allow us to create a perfect product of the highest world class.

We are a responsible company, but also confident in our services and products, which is why we offer a warranty of up to 15 years.

We are not just another manufacturer of standard pools, because we want to fulfil dreams, take on challenges and, above all, be there for the customer, which is why we have the capacity to produce the pool of your dreams - in any length and width, of heat-resistant material, with a range of all the fittings and functionalities.

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15 years warranty

We are a responsible company, but also confident in our services and products, which is why we offer a warranty of up to 15 years.


We carry out projects from A to Z: from design and production, through transport and assembly, to equipment and service.

Professionalism and expertise

State-of-the-art technology, excellent staff, knowledge and experience result in us being the best product suppliers on the market.


Our company adapts to the customer's needs, we listen carefully, visualise, and then create a tailor-made product.

Stable position on the market

We are a leading manufacturer working with the world's best suppliers. Our business will cover a wide European market.

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Comprehensive garden swimming pool designs

Our pools are masterpieces - they are made using tested and reliable solutions. Our collaboration with the client is a joint journey towards an essential design. Our product is unique in the world. We use polypropylene sheets from the world's leading supplier to manufacture our pools. Poolcomplex polypropylene pools are innovative products. Our pools have gently rounded corners because they are not welded, but bent at the right angle. In the whole of Europe, only two companies have this technological capability. Poolcomplex sets trends in technology and product quality.

Thanks to the use of modern materials and a pioneering technology, we create dream pools that are fully adapted to the needs, wishes and requirements of the customer. Thanks to specialised equipment bearing German and Swiss brands, and the production in a modern machinery factory, we focus on the highest quality and accuracy, in which there is no room for concessions or compromises. Responsibility is what makes us stand out on the market, and we produce each pool with the utmost care and aesthetics.

How do we build swimming pools?

It all starts in your head. We then set about realising your dream pool, but before we even turn on the production machinery, our advisers will work out all the details with you. 

Step one - the idea

All the greatest ideas and human creations always begin in the same way - with a single, inconspicuous thought. It is no different in our case. So that we can create a swimming pool that's tailored to your needs, you first need to think about how it will look, and what it will be equipped with. Our specialists will be happy to guide you through the entire design process. 


Step two - cooperation pays off

This is the moment when our professionals will be able to advise you, and suggest the best solutions. You come to us with an outline, and you leave with a professional design not only for your pool, but even your entire garden. Our employees are true specialists with a range of abilities, and many years of experience in the sector. This gives you the confidence to trust us because we are the best at what we do. 


Step three - let there be design!

Once we have discussed all the details, learnt about each other's ideas, visions and needs, we put the thought on paper - we create a technical drawing with full specifications. This document is very important to us, like a secret plan, because it allows us to start the pool production.


Step four - tailor-made material

At this stage, we prepare the polypropylene sheets, cut them to size and start machining them on a CNC machine. This innovative and advanced technology prepares all the apertures that we need. Once this stage is complete, we start modelling the construction of the basin - welding the floor, walls and body. For the first time, a concrete product emerges - dreams become reality. The final step in this step is to carefully check the welds and install the stairs. 


Step five - let's add some functionalities

If your pool is to be fitted with other structural elements, this is the time when we attach them to the pool. When the pool is ready, we start fitting all the fittings, depending on what you have in mind. It is now your pool that will be enhanced with lighting or jets.


Step six - time to go!

Before transport commences, we first need to prepare for it, and thoroughly. We want you to enjoy your pool, and fall in love with it at first sight, which is why we make sure it's safe to transport. We create the structures ourselves to help transport the pool to its destination.


Step seven - welcome to your new home

The finished and secured swimming pool just arrives on your property. Our qualified staff will assemble the pool correctly on the previously prepared ground. They will install not only the basin, but also all the fittings. During this process, you can ask us any questions you may have - we are happy to share our knowledge and experience. 


Step eight - let's create a WOW effect 

Our services include not only the construction and installation of the swimming pool, but also the design of entire garden spaces. If you've also trusted us with your garden, this is where we complete the picture - at this stage your ordinary garden is transformed into a real oasis of calm, an exclusive place with a beating heart - the pool. 


Step nine - you are worth it!

The work has now been completed, everything has been thoroughly checked once again, and we can now start the commissioning of the works, and you can look forward to feeling a bit of luxury and taking your first dip in your own pool.