Polypropylene swimming pool offer

Today's market accustoms us to all being the same. However, the modern human is above all an individualist, a person of success, who does not take shortcuts but wants to stand out from the crowd. 

Our mission is to produce world-class pools with huge personalisation possibilities to make every customer feel special. Our pools are a symbol of the modern individual, who appreciates luxury and comfort. It's synonymous with glamour and giving yourself a little pleasure every day.  

I want to set up and price a swimming pool for myself

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Comprehensive garden swimming pool designs

As professionals in our field, we offer a comprehensive and holistic range of services: from production to servicing. We approach each project with great commitment, vision and creativity, and the final product of our actions is a pool of the highest quality and aesthetics. By choosing a comprehensive Poolcomplex project, you enter the next level of prestige and comfort, while receiving an above-average and unique product.


Garden pool

Garden pools are the perfect solution for those who appreciate peace, comfort and luxury. Thanks to the construction of a backyard pool, you can feel the exotic climate at any time, indulge yourself and immerse yourself in a wonderful carefree atmosphere once again.


Garden with a swimming pool

A modern garden needs modern solutions, and a garden with a pool is today a symbol of elegance and luxury, which we can have at our fingertips. Contemporary gardens are not just stretches of green with random plants, but, above all, carefully and meticulously planned spaces. 


Swimming pool roofing

In spite of appearances, swimming pools can be enjoyed all year round. All you need to do is choose the right roofing, and we happen to have the best offer available - we cooperate with the renowned ALUNA company.


Underwater blinds

You'll love your perfect pool and we guarantee it will be love at first sight. What we love, we also want to protect. Check out our range of underwater roller blinds and take care of your pool at its best.


Swimming pool lighting

Modern times demand modern solutions. The hustle and bustle of 21st century life means that we often can't afford to relax in the garden pool during the day, but who says you can't enjoy this in the evening?



A garden pool can be both a place for relaxation and rest as well as a space for physical activity. If, in addition to water relaxation, you sometimes need a dose of adrenaline and you are a swimming enthusiast - counter-current is the choice for you!


Why polypropylene garden pools from Poolcomplex.com?

15 years warranty

We are a responsible company, but also confident in our services and products, which is why we offer a warranty of up to 15 years.


We carry out projects from A to Z: from design and production, through transport and assembly, to equipment and service.

Professionalism and expertise

State-of-the-art technology, excellent staff, knowledge and experience result in us being the best product suppliers on the market.


Our company adapts to the customer's needs, we listen carefully, visualise, and then create a tailor-made product.

Stable position on the market

We are a leading manufacturer working with the world's best suppliers. Our business will cover a wide European market.

ikona medalu 15 years warranty

We are a leading manufacturer, which works with the world's best suppliers. We use modern materials and technology.

You probably have a lot of questions - find the answer

How much space do I need if I want a swimming pool?

It all depends on the size of the pool you want. There are no universal dimensions for the construction of a swimming pool. Even on a small site we can design an interesting, artificial body of water.

Do I need anything else besides the basin?

The water in the pool must be constantly filtered to keep it clean and safe. We can install all the equipment in the garden room or in a TechnikBox. Each pool can be fitted with various additional elements: counter-currents, lighting, roofing. The only thing that limits us is our imagination!

How do I keep my swimming pool hygienic and clean?

Above all, remember to keep your pool filtered and clean it regularly, so keeping it clean will be easy. If you're planning a pool near trees, and are worried about contamination from falling leaves - a canopy option is worth considering.

What does it mean when we say we offer a comprehensive service?

Comprehensive means nothing less than total coverage; in other words we don't just manufacture swimming pools, but also install them, transport them, service them and moreover, provide design services for entire gardens. Everything you need, gathered in one place.

Can the pool only be used in good weather conditions?

No. If you opt for a canopy and a heat pump to maintain the right temperature, your pool can be used whatever the weather.

What is the cost of pool maintenance?

Costs depend on many factors - the method of filtration, the lighting used, additional accessories. Contact us for your pool project and we will then give you an idea of the predicted maintenance costs.