Overflow pools

Our polypropylene pools with overflow guttering are manufactured by skilled workers who combine their knowledge and experience with their sense of aesthetics to create a product tailored to the needs and expectations of our customers.

Polypropylene pools with an overflow gutter are also equipped with high-quality fittings that guarantee safety and durability for years to come. The use of an overflow gutter allows for an interesting effect, which is the alignment of the water surface with the top edge of the pool. This creates a beautiful surface that reflects the surroundings, with light reflections in the sunlight.

Satisfied customers with our pools and the service we provide are an important indicator and motivation for further creative challenges. We do not blindly follow ever-changing trends, but produce polypropylene pools in an accurate, yet creative and unique way.

Immerse yourself in luxury - take a dip in our pools!

Colours of overfolw pools

Our mission is to produce world-class pools with almost unlimited personalisation options to make every customer feel special. Our pools are masterpieces - they are made using tested and reliable solutions. Our collaboration with the client is a joint journey towards an essential design. Our pools are a fine art, which is why we offer complete personalisation of your pool. 

Our designs are unique and unconventional, because the idea of our work is an individual approach to each client.


White polypropylene swimming pool

White polypropylene gives the water a very light, delicate shade of blue, which also accentuates the light reflections on the pool's water surface in bright sunlight.


Blue polypropylene pool

Blue polypropylene is the most common and most popular pool colour option, which accentuates and gives the water a beautiful, deep and intense blue shade.


Grey polypropylene pool

Grey polypropylene, unlike the previous versions, gives the water a more subdued colour, which can shimmer in the sun in shades of blue, turquoise or celadon.


Why polypropylene garden pools from Poolcomplex.com?

15 years warranty

We are a responsible company, but also confident in our services and products, which is why we offer a warranty of up to 15 years.


We carry out projects from A to Z: from design and production, through transport and assembly, to equipment and service.

Professionalism and expertise

State-of-the-art technology, excellent staff, knowledge and experience result in us being the best product suppliers on the market.


Our company adapts to the customer's needs, we listen carefully, visualise, and then create a tailor-made product.

Stable position on the market

We are a leading manufacturer working with the world's best suppliers. Our business will cover a wide European market.

I want to set up and price a swimming pool for myself

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How much does a polypropylene pool with a skimmer cost?

We do not have a universal price list as we are a company that is not involved in mass production. Our pools are original and unconventional products, so the cost of building a pool in your garden depends on many factors, including size and filtration systems used.

We could estimate an average cost, but valuing professionalism and individuality, we know that a precise and reliable quote can be prepared only after a conversation with the client.  

So if you're considering a pool in your garden, get in touch with our expert, who, as a professional in more than one area, will provide you with an individual offer tailored to your requirements and needs.